HOLD UP! Arkitech have arrived with their debut release on Lifestyle Music and unless you are severely sonically challenged, you will be adding it to your music collection with immediate effect.

The release is comprised of two tracks MK ULTRA, an absolutely sick roller and HOLD UP, equally brilliant but on a slightly deeper, almost hypnotic vibe. It’s well worth noting that the inspiration behind the MK ULTRA track name comes from ‘Project MK ULTRA.’ This is referring to the infamous mind control program run by the CIA between the 50s and 70s which centred around the use of extreme torture methods and interrogation. Label boss¬†Peter is responsible for the accompanying video to the track which he describes as,

‘a homage to two of my favourite film makers Stanley Kubrick and Adam Curtis, the ever timely magazine Adbusters, and as a comment on the state of affairs around the world and what we are currently subjected to.’

For those who like to question the world around them and explore the art of free thinking, tracks and videos such as these are a well received injection of truth.

If hearing this EP leaves you wanting more then fear not, Arkitech have previously graced Lifestyle Music with free track release Convulsion and also a 60 min MixCast which gives you a very good idea of what they are about and contains tracks from the likes of Alix Perez, Skeptical and DRS. Need I say more…

Finally, just incase you wanted a little bit of behind the scenes info. Arkitech are a duo who during daylight hours go by the names Steve and Rob. They are currently residing in Brighton and Cambridge.


To find out more head over to both theirs and the Lifestyle Music socials which are linked below


Lifestyle Music

The release is available to purchase from the Lifestyle Music Bandcamp and on Beatport.


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