Louis J Walker is a Hip Hop / Spoken Word Artist.

He is a regular on BBC Introducing and has just released his debut EP Wordsmith. His sound is a unique mix of Old-School Hip Hop with a modern fusion. Louis writes powerful and motivational content. His lyrics are extremely thought provoking and contain a lot of depth. He is a very versatile lyricist adapting his flow seemingly effortlessly, to fit the variety of excellently produced tracks on his EP.


Strong beat and strong lyrical presence. There is no doubt this track will be a firm favourite amongst many listeners. Louis writes content which is personal but extremely relatable and will have you hooked from the first listen.

When asked about this track Louis said, “The chosen title comes from the end lyrics of the song, ‘I found solitude in stormy seas’ meaning that when pressure is applied you can still sail on through with ease. The track was recorded in one take from start to finish. The beat was produced by LRD as are a couple of others on the EP.”


My personal favourite on the EP, Louis delivers exceptional flow on this track which really showcases his talent and the depth of his lyrical content. Deep production reflecting the grind of ‘Perseverance and Motions.’ A moody vibe with a hypnotic beat which had me both feeling and relating to the grind he is referring to.

Louis said, “It is really showing a more distinctive lyrical foundation delivered in a Modern Grime/Hip Hop flow. Describing the progression of the struggle from start to finish.”


Louis – “The beat produced by Subindex, an Exeter based producer and founder of One Lion Sound. A journey through the modern day concrete jungle.”

Love this track! Huge props to Subindex on the beat. Louis cleverly ingrains raw lyrical content into your mind through repetition and clever plays on words. This one will be stuck in your head for days but no complaints there!


Louis describes this one as “A solid Hip Hop based track with a catchy hook.”

An uplifting and motivational track. Louis refers to the inevitable hardship that life brings but always with the positive attitude of overcoming any difficulties and consistently progressing forwards. Showcasing his resilient spirit through his effortless and poetic flow, I am really looking forward to seeing what the future brings for this motivated and very talented artist.

All tracks from the EP are now available from SPOTIFY / APPLE / GOOGLE / AMAZON and have all been featured on BBC INTRODUCING IN DEVON.








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