The tragic passing of Manchester based Marcus Kaye who was known as Marcus Intalex and Trevino has been felt heavily within the electronic music community.

He contributed so much to a scene we all love, never compromising his output, holding strong to what he believed in and influencing generations.

Below are some of his tunes, some interviews he did and a link to the recently released Angels Fall track by DRS and LSB. All proceeds from the track will be donated to help his family at this very difficult time.

One of my personal favourites. Mist:ical was comprised of Marcus Intalex, S.T Files (who Marcus co founded his label Soul:r in 2001 with) and Calibre. Marcus also collaborated with S.T Files under the name M.I.S.T.

An absolute classic. I have raved to this incredibly uplifting, soulful and utterly beautiful track more times than I can remember. It always receives the best response and will continue to spread happiness and joy across dance floors globally.

Marcus Intalex released his debut solo album on Soul:r called ’21’ in 2011. Incidentally this was also the same year he created the moniker Trevino under which he released house/techno music and set up his own imprint called Birdie.

Great set from Intalex under his Trevino moniker for Boiler Room x Dimensions Festival.

This is a two part interview which Marcus did for Organic Beats just before his ’21’ album was about to drop back in 2011. (

Finally this is the link to the Angels Fall track from DRS and LSB.

Please donate if you can.


R.I.P Marcus Intalex

Thank you for the music x


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