A YouTube channel with in excess of 12.5k subscribers which has accumulated millions of views across it’s almost 2000 uploads and a label on it’s 35th release with over 7k followers. This is the story behind MR WOBBLICIOUS told by the man himself.

“Alright mate it’s story time! To start from the very beginning we have to go back to September 2012. I had always had a big crush on the entire DnB movement and had been going raving weekly since I was about 14. I had been all over Belgium to see the biggest names in action, which resulted in me beginning to dream of doing something within the scene myself. Over time this became more and more important to me.

I started to meet some up and coming producers who I personally felt were so underrated and back then it was a lot harder to get your name out there than it is now. That’s when I had my idea of how I could personally give something back to the scene. I wanted to start my own promotional YouTube channel but all I could think was, where the hell do I even start with this? I had never been that involved in the computer world so I literally did not have a clue! Luckily I had a good friend who was more than happy to teach me everything I needed to know, and jump on board with starting the channel, creating all the artwork and teaching me different programs.

A month later on the 10th October 2012 the YouTube channel was officially born. Very soon after, I met a huge bunch of very promising up and coming artists such as Jack The Ripper, Vacuum and Danger to name a few. I had such a blast promoting their music and sharing it around the world.

I was so hooked on promoting the channel that me and my buddy started talking about hosting our own nights too. On 10th May 2013, the two of us along with his brother, decided to launch Wobble Trouble events which were born in our hometown of Kalmthout in Belgium. Our first events were a huge success. We had the amazing honour of hosting the Belgian debuts of Jack The Ripper and Vacuum. Our events grew so quickly that by May 2014, we had to move them to Antwerp as they had out grown our first venue. At that time the YouTube channel was in excess of 5k subscribers and I was receiving so much unsigned music and meeting so many promising producers that I had the idea of launching a digital platform to release the music I loved.

At the beginning of June 2014, the label Wobble Infection Digital was born, with the British Jump Up producer Dangerous kicking off the first release. Everything was going great, but it was also extremely time consuming. I had barely any time left and was working day and night on the YouTube channels and also studying and working. It eventually became too much and we started slacking on our events which eventually led to the break up of our crew and the end of those in May 2015. Our final event was in collaboration with Gun Audio and hosted the European debut of Code Red repping Original Sin’s label. Although that was the end of the events I decided I still wanted to run the label and YouTube channel myself and that brings us to where we are now.

In excess of 12.5k subscribers, millions of views across almost 2000 uploads and a label on it’s 35th release with a good 7k followers. Was it worth all the time and effort? It certainly was and it still is!”


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