These are the STATE OF FLO residents and you can catch these guys at every event. They are great at what they do and to top it off they are some of the nicest people you could hope to meet. They are all involved in multiple areas of DnB and beyond, be it putting on their own nights, free parties, producing, dj’ing, mc’ing, radio broadcasting or running their own labels. I am so proud and happy to be working with such a lovely, talented bunch and look forward to announcing what’s in store for them in 2018.



I’ve been passionate about music all my life and I love so many types of electronic music but drum and bass is the one that truly stole my heart!! I had my first go on a set of 1210’s about 6 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. Whether it’s organising free parties in the woods or playing in bars and clubs, nothing beats playing my favourite music for people to have a skank out to!



Music has always been something that I have grown up around and always had a connection with. From as early as I can remember, I had already been  introduced to lots of different varieties of electronic/dance music like happy hardcore, jungle, dnb and house. These were religiously played in our home in Brighton. Soon after turning 13 I decided to get my first pair of belt driven vinyl decks. I practiced everyday from the age of 13 right up until I turned 18. Fortunately I was lucky enough to have my first shot at performing at a small festival in aid of the Chestnut Treehouse Charity. Since then I have performed with some of the biggest brands in the drum and bass industry such as Rough Tempo, Let It Roll, Low Down Deep, Distortion, Ram Records, Spearhead, Get Hype, Bass Konnection, State Of Flo, Strategy, Roll Through, Policy, Audio Assault, Formation Records, The World of Drum and Bass, Audio Porn, Bass on the Beach, Breakin Science, Jungle Mania, Takeover, BK2 Drums, Motive, Worried About Henry, Young Guns, Biological Beats and many many more. I also hold residences with the likes of Rough Tempo, State Of Flo, Strategy, Bass Konnection, Bass on the Beach, Takeover Bass and Bass Distinction. Some of my icons that I have performed before or after are DJ Hype, The Prototypes, DJ Guv, Bladerunner, Grooverider, Dj SS, Brockie, Dub Phizix and Strategy, Serum, Harry Shotta, North Base, Arcane and many more.



I have been an avid listener of drum and bass for the past 10 years and over this time I have fallen deeply for all corners of the versatile genre. When I play out, I love to send the dancefloor on a rollercoaster ride of ups, downs & sidewinders by mixing & blending all colours of the vast DnB spectrum.




I am into my fifth year of mc-ing professionally at club nights and raves. I would put myself as a versatile performer as either host and mc that applies bars depending on the dj’s preference, style and brand in which I am mc-ing or hosting for at the time . I am a proud host at Rough Tempo and State of Flo. I would like to give a holler to them for encouraging me to push forward with my delivery on mic and the radio shows I love doing. I have a love for radio broadcasting and work as a freelance radio producer and voice-over for upbeat brands along with presenter cover shifts. I have recently spoken to a couple of dj’s including Bader and Sub Tactics about putting my vocals on to tracks to push forward with what I love doing. I have had the pleasure of mic duties at Breakin Science, Hospitality, Warning, Young Guns, Jungle Alliance, Bass Konnection, Conception, Elements of Groove, Anti-Social Sound Clash, Motive Sessions, Serotone, Bass Face, Pure Klass, Audio Assault, Sub-liminal, Ministry of Sound, Policy, Unified Beatz, Fantazia, Dreamscape and Format Music DnB. I have been involved with a couple of label nights including Spearhead, Low Down Deep, Dispatch, Eatbrain and Renegade Hardware when it made an appearance in Brighton. In my opinion the most important thing is the ravers having a good time and feeling part of a great party and top vibe. Music is in my bones and is my life.



I have been listing to drum & bass since i was a teenager, listening to the likes of Darren Jay, Micky Finn, Aphrodite, Randall, Mc Stevie Hyper D, Fearless and many more. I hold DnB very close to me and believe I always will, nothing comes close to how this music makes me feel. I’ve always tried to be part of something within the scene whether its been helping out promoters, promoting myself, mc’ing or djing. I will never lose love for this music.



I have been an MC since 1996 but only started getting credible bookings in 2003. I enjoy delivering vibes and hyping up the dance. Promoters have always trusted me to hold it down with the host vibes but I can also keep up with the best of them lyrically. Predominantly a drum and bass mc but I am also a very competent old skool hardcore, breaks, dubstep & garage MC as well as a rapper. Nights I have held residencies with include Renegade Hardware, State of Flo, Motive, KAOS, Jungle Alliance, Serotone, Motive, Simply Vinyl, Originate, Conception, Freebass, Roll Through, Cutloose, Carbon, Policy, Audio Assault, Subliminal, Basskonnection and Strategy.  I have also performed at various label nights including Virus, Metalheadz, V Recordings, Spearhead, Playaz, Low Down Deep, Hospitality, Viper, Congo Natty, Dispatch, Eatbrain. I have played for huge old skool brands such as Dreamscape and Fantazia and have performed at festivals such as Shibui and One Love. On top of being an MC I have been DJing since the 90s and have a very strong knowledge of DnB/Jungle tunes. I have taken the first steps in to the world of the recording artist, already featuring on Threts’s ‘Deadzone’ and will be working with some other local producers in the coming months. Watch this space.


You can catch them all at the STATE OF FLO CHRISTMAS PARTY on 22nd December at the VOLKS club in Brighton.

Tickets available from Resident Advisor




A DJ Dominator Tribute


Last week the DnB community was dealt another massive blow after finding out the shocking news that DJ Dominator AKA Neil Aldred had very sadly passed away due to his battle with cancer.

Throughout his career the Low Down Deep artist had gained a huge amount of support from Hype, Marky, Guv, Majistrate, Nicky Blackmarket and Logan D to name a few. His tracks received support from heavyweights such as Andy C, Friction and Heist and he also had his own imprint D-Stortion Records.

There have been endless tributes emphasising that Aldred was not only a hugely talented artist but an incredible and very supportive friend to those around him. Below are some of his tracks and sets as well as a donation page link where proceeds will be going to his family at this very difficult time. 

Rest In Peace x

Just Giving Page Link



The tragic passing of Manchester based Marcus Kaye who was known as Marcus Intalex and Trevino has been felt heavily within the electronic music community.

He contributed so much to a scene we all love, never compromising his output, holding strong to what he believed in and influencing generations.

Below are some of his tunes, some interviews he did and a link to the recently released Angels Fall track by DRS and LSB. All proceeds from the track will be donated to help his family at this very difficult time.

One of my personal favourites. Mist:ical was comprised of Marcus Intalex, S.T Files (who Marcus co founded his label Soul:r in 2001 with) and Calibre. Marcus also collaborated with S.T Files under the name M.I.S.T.

An absolute classic. I have raved to this incredibly uplifting, soulful and utterly beautiful track more times than I can remember. It always receives the best response and will continue to spread happiness and joy across dance floors globally.

Marcus Intalex released his debut solo album on Soul:r called ’21’ in 2011. Incidentally this was also the same year he created the moniker Trevino under which he released house/techno music and set up his own imprint called Birdie.

Great set from Intalex under his Trevino moniker for Boiler Room x Dimensions Festival.

This is a two part interview which Marcus did for Organic Beats just before his ’21’ album was about to drop back in 2011. (

Finally this is the link to the Angels Fall track from DRS and LSB.

Please donate if you can.


R.I.P Marcus Intalex

Thank you for the music x




The Drum & Bass Weekender – Prague
In Conjunction with Breakin Science & Let It Roll
26th – 29th May 2017 – (UK Bank Holiday Weekend)

If you have any doubt as to where to be this coming May Bank Holiday, look no further than The Drum & Bass Weekender in Prague presented by ROUGH TEMPO in conjunction with BREAKIN SCIENCE & LET IT ROLL!

First and second release tickets are completely sold out! Final release are now on sale and available for only £80 and day tickets from just £30 at


Friday and Saturday – STORM CLUB PRAGUE


Monday Daytime Event – CROSS CLUB










In anticipation of his killer forthcoming release on Dispatch LTD, Sustance answers some questions about production, his influences and what we can expect moving forward.

Hi, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, yeah my name’s Oscar, I live in London and split my time between my studio in Hornsey and working as a set builder on movies.

How long have you been producing and how did your journey into the world of music production begin?

I’ve been making music since I was about 13. I used to play guitar and sing in bands when I was in school. My brother is 8 years older than me and always had decks. He always spun jungle & dnb and I used to sneak on his decks when he was out. I got crazy into turntablism and learnt how to scratch and beat juggle when I was about 18. It was a natural progression from then to wanting to make my own beats so I bought an Akai MPC2000XL sampler. I only ever knew how to make beats from sampling records for years. I eventually ended up getting a computer and got really into synthesis. I think having the sampling knowledge helped me a lot because it was natural for me to take the sounds I had synthesised and put them into samplers to play in my tunes. I probably still make more hip hop and downtempo stuff than anything else to this day.

Can you tell us a bit about the creative process and inspiration behind your forthcoming Allow (It) EP on Dispatch LTD?

After getting consumed by the technicalities of tech d&b for years I kinda fell out of love with the sound. All the “neuro” scenes tunes sounded crazy over the top to me. I’ve always listened to more stripped back minimal and soulful tunes than any other style of d&b. My buddy and I share a studio which has a Moog Little Phatty mono synth and I decided to try and make a really simple tune just using that. That was “Rugged” forthcoming on Dispatch LTD. After that it just felt natural to try and make an EP in the same style and try and progress with that sound.

The second track on the EP called “Signals” features Illaman. How did this collaboration come about?

I’ve always loved all styles of tunes with vocalists. I’ve worked with loads over the years on different alias/genre projects. I’ve know Dave (Illaman) for a few years now. He’s an amazing MC, host, writer and he’s also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met too. A genuine don. I made “Signals” and he came to the studio one night and wrote and recorded everything in under two hours. Total professional and fucking hilarious too. Big love for this guy!

What is your current studio set up like and do you have any go to synths or plug-ins that consistently find their way into your tunes?

My studio at the moment consists of my Adam A77X monitors, Virus TI2 synth and my computer. I’m very lucky to share the space with a mate who has the aforementioned Moog Little Phatty. He’s also just added a set of Barefoot MicroMain45’s to the setup too which I’m currently making my first tune using. They sound incredible. Definitely recommended if you’ve got a spare £6.5k!

Who are some of the artists that inspire you musically?

I’ve got an endless amount of different artists that have inspired me over the years and to this day. Too many to mention them all but I suppose a few are DJ Premier, Portishead, Omni Trio, Metallica, Alchemist, Konflict, Masta Ace, The Winstons etc etc… the list is truly endless.

Finally what can we expect moving forward?

After this release I’ve got another d&b EP signed to a big label for later this summer. It’s got a couple of quite emotional soulful tunes as well as a couple of dirty minimal tunes. It’s got probably my favourite d&b tune I’ve made on it too… it’s called “Shiv” so you can look out for that. Apart from that I’ve just finished a 6 track downtempo EP under a different name that I’m in the process of self releasing. Keeping busy for sure!

The Allow (It) EP is currently available for pre-order from the link below.

Early Dispatch Store Release date: 22/05/2017

General Release Date: 26/05/2017


Facebook –

Twitter –

Instagram –

Soundcloud –




A YouTube channel with in excess of 12.5k subscribers which has accumulated millions of views across it’s almost 2000 uploads and a label on it’s 35th release with over 7k followers. This is the story behind MR WOBBLICIOUS told by the man himself.

“Alright mate it’s story time! To start from the very beginning we have to go back to September 2012. I had always had a big crush on the entire DnB movement and had been going raving weekly since I was about 14. I had been all over Belgium to see the biggest names in action, which resulted in me beginning to dream of doing something within the scene myself. Over time this became more and more important to me.

I started to meet some up and coming producers who I personally felt were so underrated and back then it was a lot harder to get your name out there than it is now. That’s when I had my idea of how I could personally give something back to the scene. I wanted to start my own promotional YouTube channel but all I could think was, where the hell do I even start with this? I had never been that involved in the computer world so I literally did not have a clue! Luckily I had a good friend who was more than happy to teach me everything I needed to know, and jump on board with starting the channel, creating all the artwork and teaching me different programs.

A month later on the 10th October 2012 the YouTube channel was officially born. Very soon after, I met a huge bunch of very promising up and coming artists such as Jack The Ripper, Vacuum and Danger to name a few. I had such a blast promoting their music and sharing it around the world.

I was so hooked on promoting the channel that me and my buddy started talking about hosting our own nights too. On 10th May 2013, the two of us along with his brother, decided to launch Wobble Trouble events which were born in our hometown of Kalmthout in Belgium. Our first events were a huge success. We had the amazing honour of hosting the Belgian debuts of Jack The Ripper and Vacuum. Our events grew so quickly that by May 2014, we had to move them to Antwerp as they had out grown our first venue. At that time the YouTube channel was in excess of 5k subscribers and I was receiving so much unsigned music and meeting so many promising producers that I had the idea of launching a digital platform to release the music I loved.

At the beginning of June 2014, the label Wobble Infection Digital was born, with the British Jump Up producer Dangerous kicking off the first release. Everything was going great, but it was also extremely time consuming. I had barely any time left and was working day and night on the YouTube channels and also studying and working. It eventually became too much and we started slacking on our events which eventually led to the break up of our crew and the end of those in May 2015. Our final event was in collaboration with Gun Audio and hosted the European debut of Code Red repping Original Sin’s label. Although that was the end of the events I decided I still wanted to run the label and YouTube channel myself and that brings us to where we are now.

In excess of 12.5k subscribers, millions of views across almost 2000 uploads and a label on it’s 35th release with a good 7k followers. Was it worth all the time and effort? It certainly was and it still is!”


YouTube Channel




Louis J Walker is a Hip Hop / Spoken Word Artist.

He is a regular on BBC Introducing and has just released his debut EP Wordsmith. His sound is a unique mix of Old-School Hip Hop with a modern fusion. Louis writes powerful and motivational content. His lyrics are extremely thought provoking and contain a lot of depth. He is a very versatile lyricist adapting his flow seemingly effortlessly, to fit the variety of excellently produced tracks on his EP.


Strong beat and strong lyrical presence. There is no doubt this track will be a firm favourite amongst many listeners. Louis writes content which is personal but extremely relatable and will have you hooked from the first listen.

When asked about this track Louis said, “The chosen title comes from the end lyrics of the song, ‘I found solitude in stormy seas’ meaning that when pressure is applied you can still sail on through with ease. The track was recorded in one take from start to finish. The beat was produced by LRD as are a couple of others on the EP.”


My personal favourite on the EP, Louis delivers exceptional flow on this track which really showcases his talent and the depth of his lyrical content. Deep production reflecting the grind of ‘Perseverance and Motions.’ A moody vibe with a hypnotic beat which had me both feeling and relating to the grind he is referring to.

Louis said, “It is really showing a more distinctive lyrical foundation delivered in a Modern Grime/Hip Hop flow. Describing the progression of the struggle from start to finish.”


Louis – “The beat produced by Subindex, an Exeter based producer and founder of One Lion Sound. A journey through the modern day concrete jungle.”

Love this track! Huge props to Subindex on the beat. Louis cleverly ingrains raw lyrical content into your mind through repetition and clever plays on words. This one will be stuck in your head for days but no complaints there!


Louis describes this one as “A solid Hip Hop based track with a catchy hook.”

An uplifting and motivational track. Louis refers to the inevitable hardship that life brings but always with the positive attitude of overcoming any difficulties and consistently progressing forwards. Showcasing his resilient spirit through his effortless and poetic flow, I am really looking forward to seeing what the future brings for this motivated and very talented artist.

All tracks from the EP are now available from SPOTIFY / APPLE / GOOGLE / AMAZON and have all been featured on BBC INTRODUCING IN DEVON.







For a lot of us creative heads we are made to feel inadequate from the get go. We are the dreamers, the ones who refuse to ‘be realistic’ and who fail to grow up and embrace the ‘adult world’.

We see the world differently. We absorb, we question, we find it very difficult to conform and often we are highly sensitive. It is exactly these characteristic which allow us to delve to new depths of self expression which are often very personal, sharing a part of ourselves through our art forms.

It is through creative expression that a lot of us find ways to cope with traumatic and painful experiences, or we use it to vent our frustrations and confusion at the world we find ourselves in. Our chosen art form gives us a voice and a way to try and make sense of our lives and experiences. It is a coping mechanism, a release, a way to share our story, a healing process, a joy, a passion, a way to invite others into our world, a gift, a contribution and most importantly our chosen purpose.

So why then is creativity as a whole so hugely undervalued in our society?

Why are creative people so often expected to work for free?

Why are creative subjects often thought of as much less important than those which fall into more academic categories?

Why are creative peoples dreams and aspirations not taken as seriously as those wishing to be an accountant or a lawyer?

Why are creative people constantly made to feel inadequate and as if they should feel guilty for choosing to pursue their chosen art form?

Is it really any wonder that so many of us suffer from anxiety surrounding our chosen paths? The incessant self doubt, the constant expectation to work for free, the feelings of inadequacy, the instability, often having to work jobs which are in no way conducive to our creative goals but are required so we can just about make this months rent.


Whilst I appreciate this is coming off as a bit of a rant, the point of this post is actually the complete opposite. It is to draw attention to the fact that we are all struggling in some way or another and there is absolutely no shame in that. We are all bound together through our joint love of what we do and that is an incredible thing. The ability to see ourselves and our struggles in others helps us to view them as potential friends, mentors and collaborators. It encourages us to reach out and find ways to connect and help one another because in spite of popular belief we are stronger together than apart.

When we are made to feel inadequate, we often become very insecure and are driven by an overwhelming desire to try to prove ourselves. Shouts to the ego that lies within us all! We feel compelled to show that we can in fact do what we set out to do, and are not just dreamers who should have gotten a ‘real’ job and conformed as society expected us to. Whilst there is nothing wrong with drive, it can have a very negative effect when the prime motivation behind it is fear and lack of self worth. Suddenly everyone is a threat to your potential success, jealousy is rife and the will to reject or shut down any form of ‘competition’ is overwhelming. Cue the paranoia, the lack of trust, the isolation, the anxiety and the all consuming feeling of loneliness.

This post is a reminder that you are part of a huge family of people who are all on some level able to relate to your struggles. You are not alone and there is absolutely no shame in talking to people and seeking help when life gets tough and it does for all of us. 

Just because you are following your passion and doing something you love, it does not mean that it is going to be all rainbows and unicorns. Whilst I sincerely hope your journey is filled with rainbows a plenty and scattered with lots of unicorns, it is also inevitably going to be filled with many dark caves, some ugly trolls and plenty of mountains which need climbing. When you do what you love you care so much more and because of this when things don’t go well it can be utterly soul destroying. When you don’t get the gig, your music project won’t open, your camera just died on you, it gets you like nothing else. You feel distraught, incapable, like a failure (which you are NOT by the way) and this is only because you care so damn much and have invested so much of yourself into your project. This is where having a support network around you is invaluable. People who know exactly how you feel and understand where you are coming from.

We all have the capability to be the support network for those around us, and to help each other and share in both our successes and difficulties. Communication and understanding is the most important tool we have for overcoming anxiety and breaking down irrational viewpoints that others on the same path as us are in some way our competition or enemy. They have the potential to be our inspiration, our friends and part of our creative crew so lets welcome them aboard. The more we band together the happier all of our journeys will be. What is the point of embarking on a journey to do what you love and walking a road littered with bitterness, resentment, isolation and jealousy which can ironically end up in you hating the very thing you loved when you began your adventure.

Community, encouragement, engagement, non judgement and positivity are the most important attributes to all of our journeys and they will fill our adventures with a hell of a lot more rainbows and unicorns than fear and resentment ever will.

STATE OF FLO is launching the Beautiful Minds Stand Together campaign in aid of Mental Health Awareness Week which is taking place this year from 8-14th May.

The aim is to encourage people to band together in a show of solidarity and support for one another and to reinforce the fact that you are not alone in your struggles and difficulties whatever they may be.

Silicone bracelets have been made with the BMST slogan imprinted on them and are available for free to anyone who would like to join and support the campaign.

All you have to do is go the CONTACT US section on the website and fill in your name, address and state how many you would like. They will then be sent out to you via first class post.

(Please not your details will not be saved or stored. They will simply be used to send out your bands and will then be deleted.)

Wishing you positivity always and please remember YOU CAN DO IT, YOU ARE NOT ALONE and YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Big love xxx