I’m FLO. Thanks so much for stopping by.

I am the founder and owner of the STATE OF FLO events brand and I wanted to personally introduce you to some of the charities I have chosen to work with, whilst embarking on this crazy journey of building my business. I thought now may be an appropriate time to insert a picture of me doing some charity stuff so here it is. (Me after completing the Brighton Marathon for WWF in April 2017. My legs were killing me!)

I have always loved the pay it forward mentality. The idea of sharing some positivity with the world whenever you can and in whatever way works for you. With this in mind when I decided to start my business, I wanted to select a few charities that mean a lot to me and find ways to donate and fundraise for them along the way. Whether this means including some info about them on an events flyer to raise awareness, playing a set dressed as a panda for sponsorship money (I absolutely would!) or donating profits from the business and events to them on a regular basis, I wanted to find ways (no matter how big or small) to try and contribute.

So on that note these are 3 charities that throughout my life I have volunteered with, fundraised for and whose work I absolutely love and admire. I hope there will be many more added to this list as time goes on.


For anyone that knows me personally they will be fully aware of my absolute obsession with the natural world and the animal kingdom. As a small child I did anything I could to be around animals, to the extent that I would often be found sitting in the mud and unearthing slugs and worms. This usually resulted in me attempting to integrate my new found friends into the household and labelling them as family pets. (I was very quiet and introverted as a child. Books and animals were my thing… people not so much!) I am now older and wiser to the fact that slugs and worms do not wish to be unearthed, held or petted but through travel, reading wildlife books and obsessively watching nature documentaries, it’s safe to say my love for the natural world has increased tenfold. I am sure given this small insight into my strange ways as a child, it is of no surprise that WWF is the first charity on the list. These guys do amazing things for our planet and are some of the loveliest people to work with in any capacity. I have always had the best experiences when doing anything in conjunction with this charity.

WWF LINKS  Website , Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , YouTube , Pinterest


We’ve all been there. This crazy journey we are on called life can all get far too much sometimes. When it rains, it pours and sometimes so relentlessly that you start to doubt you will ever see sunshine again. One of the best things to happen in recent times has been the fact that more and more people are willing to speak out about and shed light on mental health issues, which have previously been regarded as more of a taboo subject. Last year the World Health Organisation stated that in 2013, 615 million people worldwide were thought to be suffering from anxiety or depression, so if you are reading this and you ever thought you were alone, you are absolutely NOT. There are millions of people out there who can relate to what you are going through. It’s amazing charities like Mind that bring people together and help to break down communication barriers, which can prevent people from having to to deal with mental health issues alone. I love these guys for what they do and I hope moving forward we see even bigger changes in the way people view and understand mental health.

MIND LINKS  Website , Facebook , Twitter


The most humbling, valuable and life changing advice I have ever received has been given to me by some of the truly amazing souls that I have met whilst they were unfortunately sleeping rough. When I have worked for organisations who help the homeless, I have come away from these experiences with more than I believe I have ever been able to give. Nobody in this day and age should be sleeping on the streets. Every single person should be entitled to a roof over their head and food on their plate. By speaking to some of those who unfortunately are not privy to such luxuries, I have learnt through their stories that homelessness can happen to anyone. The way our society sometimes labels and looks at homeless people is nothing short of disgraceful. These are people who are facing huge adversity and should be treated with the utmost care and respect. I have so much love for everything that charities like Shelter are trying to do for the homeless and I hope over time we will see a massive decrease in the number of people living on the streets.

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