These are the STATE OF FLO residents and you can catch these guys at every event. They are great at what they do and to top it off they are some of the nicest people you could hope to meet. They are all involved in multiple areas of DnB and beyond, be it putting on their own nights, free parties, producing, dj’ing, mc’ing, radio broadcasting or running their own labels. I am so proud and happy to be working with such a lovely, talented bunch and look forward to the future with all of them on board.



I’ve been passionate about music all my life and I love so many types of electronic music but drum and bass is the one that truly stole my heart!! I had my first go on a set of 1210’s about 6 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. Whether it’s organising free parties in the woods or playing in bars and clubs, nothing beats playing my favourite music for people to have a skank out to!



Music has always been something that I have grown up around and always had a connection with. From as early as I can remember, I had already been  introduced to lots of different varieties of electronic/dance music like happy hardcore, jungle, dnb and house. These were religiously played in our home in Brighton. Soon after turning 13 I decided to get my first pair of belt driven vinyl decks. I practiced everyday from the age of 13 right up until I turned 18. Fortunately I was lucky enough to have my first shot at performing at a small festival in aid of the Chestnut Treehouse Charity. Since then I have performed with some of the biggest brands in the drum and bass industry such as Rough Tempo, Let It Roll, Low Down Deep, Distortion, Ram Records, Spearhead, Get Hype, Bass Konnection, State Of Flo, Strategy, Roll Through, Policy, Audio Assault, Formation Records, The World of Drum and Bass, Audio Porn, Bass on the Beach, Breakin Science, Jungle Mania, Takeover, BK2 Drums, Motive, Worried About Henry, Young Guns, Biological Beats and many more. I also hold residences with the likes of Rough Tempo, State Of Flo, Strategy, Bass Konnection, Bass on the Beach, Takeover Bass and Bass Distinction. Some of my icons that I have performed before or after are DJ Hype, The Prototypes, DJ Guv, Bladerunner, Grooverider, Dj SS, Brockie, Dub Phizix and Strategy, Serum, Harry Shotta, North Base, Arcane and many more.



I have been an avid listener of drum and bass for the past 10 years and over this time I have fallen deeply for all corners of the versatile genre. When I play out, I love to send the dancefloor on a rollercoaster ride of ups, downs & sidewinders by mixing & blending all colours of the vast DnB spectrum.




I am into my fifth year of mc-ing professionally at club nights and raves. I would put myself as a versatile performer as either host and mc that applies bars depending on the dj’s preference, style and brand in which I am mc-ing or hosting for at the time . I am a proud host at Rough Tempo and State of Flo. I would like to give a holler to them for encouraging me to push forward with my delivery on mic and the radio shows I love doing. I have a love for radio broadcasting and work as a freelance radio producer and voice-over for upbeat brands along with presenter cover shifts. I have recently spoken to a couple of dj’s including Bader and Sub Tactics about putting my vocals on to tracks to push forward with what I love doing. I have had the pleasure of mic duties at Breakin Science, Hospitality, Warning, Young Guns, Jungle Alliance, Bass Konnection, Conception, Elements of Groove, Anti-Social Sound Clash, Motive Sessions, Serotone, Bass Face, Pure Klass, Audio Assault, Sub-liminal, Ministry of Sound, Policy, Unified Beatz, Fantazia, Dreamscape and Format Music DnB. I have been involved with a couple of label nights including Spearhead, Low Down Deep, Dispatch, Eatbrain and Renegade Hardware when it made an appearance in Brighton. In my opinion the most important thing is the ravers having a good time and feeling part of a great party and top vibe. Music is in my bones and is my life.



I have been listing to drum & bass since i was a teenager, listening to the likes of Darren Jay, Micky Finn, Aphrodite, Randall, Mc Stevie Hyper D, Fearless and many more. I hold DnB very close to me and believe I always will, nothing comes close to how this music makes me feel. I’ve always tried to be part of something within the scene whether its been helping out promoters, promoting myself, mc’ing or djing. I will never lose love for this music.



I have been an MC since 1996 but only started getting credible bookings in 2003. I enjoy delivering vibes and hyping up the dance. Promoters have always trusted me to hold it down with the host vibes but I can also keep up with the best of them lyrically. Predominantly a drum and bass mc but I am also a very competent old skool hardcore, breaks, dubstep & garage MC as well as a rapper. Nights I have held residencies with include Renegade Hardware, State of Flo, Motive, KAOS, Jungle Alliance, Serotone, Motive, Simply Vinyl, Originate, Conception, Freebass, Roll Through, Cutloose, Carbon, Policy, Audio Assault, Subliminal, Basskonnection and Strategy.  I have also performed at various label nights including Virus, Metalheadz, V Recordings, Spearhead, Playaz, Low Down Deep, Hospitality, Viper, Congo Natty, Dispatch, Eatbrain. I have played for huge old skool brands such as Dreamscape and Fantazia and have performed at festivals such as Shibui and One Love. On top of being an MC I have been DJing since the 90s and have a very strong knowledge of DnB/Jungle tunes. I have taken the first steps in to the world of the recording artist, already featuring on Threts’s ‘Deadzone’ and will be working with some other local producers in the coming months. Watch this space.